Blogger’s peace ride

Blogger's peace rideMAITUM, Sarangani (September 4, 2011) – One of the 20 bloggers from Manila and other parts of Mindanao gives her message across Pangi River Friday, September 2, while river tubing in barangay New la Union. The sport is a 45-minute ride aboard a salbabida (inflated tire tube) past breathtaking drops, between huge boulders and amid green scenery along Pangi River’s rapids. (Beth Ramos/MAITUM INFORMATION OFFICE)

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  1. deon rodden says

    I live in the Philippines for 12 yrs. Luzon Isl. am considering relocating to Surigao because my fiance wants me to.I am primarily concerned for my safety as an American, can anyone give me some good solid advice on this? Also I need to get online if possible a good easily read map of Mindanao if you could recommend a good website for that. Thanks ya”ll.

    • admin says

      Hi Deon – I am an American who has lived in Mindanao for the past 13+ years. I have been traveling Mindanao for 25 years. If you feel comfortable living anywhere in Luzon, you should have no concerns about Surigao. Surigao City is as safe as anywhere in Luzon in my opinion. The parts of Mindanao that are dangerous are more in the southwestern part of the island. Surigao is about as far away from that as you can get while remaining on Mindanao.

  2. Earl Pitman says

    My name is Earl and presently live in Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. I have been traveling to the PHI every year since 2005, spending three weeks in various provinces/cities/towns each time. I enjoy my visits every time and now contemplating moving there upon retirement in 5 to 10 years time. I am interested in Mindanao Isle, particularly the Davao/Panabo/Tagum Cites and would like to hear from any expats living in those areas. I will be visiting Davao December 9th thru 15th and wonder where expats hangout for drinks and conversation. Please advise…Thanks…EARL

  3. Callum says

    Been a wee while since I last posted a message but I must say Bob, your site is growing faster than the rest of Mindanao all power to your elbow…. But on a point about others wishing or wanting to visit our island…..Ignore the duff or bad mouthed reports of Min is a bad place or dangerous …I’ve found Manila More dangerous than Mindanao!! Its just so many people think they know what’s happening in Min without visiting our island they assume reports of some clash or fire-fight is indicative of all of Mindanao … they are so wrong ! OK there is a few bad bits … but tell me ANYWHERE in the world there is part of that country where there is some kind of mayhem going on?? there’s Nutters in every country throughout the world it might be gangsters or it might be religion based or just a mob hell bent on messing up the rest of the good people of that area … I say to ALL who post worries on here ( and other pats of your site Bob)~ You let others intimidate you and your lost ….I’ve spent years travelling the world and lived in US of A for 6 years and other countries in Europe (Austria France Belgium Italy to name a few ) and I will never bad mouth the Philippines I’ve lived in /commuted to phills for 8 years now and love my adopted country and I will settle in phills in the next 4 years and Mindanao is my place of preference (the other half has other plans but that’s’ in the future hehe) but to all who post worries on her just be yourself don’t forget your a guest in the country and respect local custom learn by mistakes and apologise … we’re all human …….as for the threats …. Just don’t push it by going to the south west corner and mouthing off or thinking your passport protects you … It doesn’t!! But as a final note to anyone reading this… Bob has the best up to date (ok a few days old on the site) information on what’s going on locally…Trust the man he’s been here through thick and thin (bad times and good ) (I’ll not talk about your (ex) Neighbours Bob ….)……But on a personal note Bob, good to see your site going from strength to strength… My regards to the wife and kids (Feyma,Chris, Aaron and Jared) hope to (maybe) see you in 2014 be safe and more power to you my friend …..

  4. florits says

    Surigao city is one of the best and peaceful city in Mindanao. People are very friendly and highly educated. We have several colleges and my alma mater, formerly San Nicolas Colleges now St. Paul University. It’s very convenient to all forms of transportations – airport, bus stations, Port for shipping lines and hundreds of tricycles that would bring you to your destinations. Lots of class hotels that are just affordable. If you lost your items you can seek the help of radio stations, which are just very accessible with in the city for “panawagan”.
    The people thought that if is Mindanao, its a troubled spot. Mindanao is huge. Surigao city is the northern part and its one of the safest city in Philippines. We have a beatiful luneta park across the mayor’s office and police department which are just a stone’s throw or probably one or 2 minutes walk. When it comes to food, lots of restaurants. if you want fresh fish, fishermen arrives in every other hour bringing fresh catch from the ocean for sinugba, kinilaw an so on. some restaurants can do the work for you. Chicken bar B Q? Oh wow, no one can beat how delicious the grilled chicken bar b q in the port. We have “Spring Creek” restaurant here in Dallas, (Richardson) no one can beat our bar b q in Surigao. I mean, really.

    What are the tourist attractions? A lot. One are the beautiful islands. We did island hopping in just few minutes in blue seawater close to the deepest water in the world “Philippine deep. We are famous in surfing “cloud 9” area. International surfing is always held in that island. No wonder, tourist had established their residency in in the island of “Siargao”. Hopefully, by summer , I’ll visit again my hometown. i love it. I missed the fresh crabs, tuna, red snapper. They are even cheap. Tuna is very very expensive in U. S., not in my place.

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