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True Love Waiters in Kiamba

True Love Waiters in Kiamba

KIAMBA, Sarangani (August 23, 2015) – Grade 9 students jump for joy after completing the True Love Waits seminar in Barangay Poblacion on August 18. They are now certified “True Love Waiters”. The training was participated in by 30 students of Kiamba … [Read More...]

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Can you safely travel to Mindanao?


Can I travel to Mindanao – Is it safe?

Every day, I receive many e-mails asking the same question - "Is it safe to go to Mindanao?" No single answer can be correct for each time the question is asked, but let me try to address the issue on this post. For the most part, Mindanao is a safe destination for your travel. There are some serious exceptions, though. Parts of Mindanao are extremely dangerous, while the majority of the island is fairly safe. One thing to remember is that in today's world, there is no place on the entire earth that is perfectly safe. No matter where you go you could be hit with crime, terrorism, natural disaster or some other calamity. This is true in Mindanao as well. Some places in Mindanao are very dangerous and should be avoided by the average tourist. The United States and other nations have issued travel advisories warning their citizens that travel to Mindanao is dangerous, and perhaps should be avoided altogether. Personally, I feel that in many ways these warnings are overblown, and … [Read More...]

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Families celebrate Eid-al-Fitr

Families celebrate Eid-al-Fitr

MAITUM, Sarangani (July 24, 2015) - A toddler waits as her family offers Eid prayers during Eid-al-Fitr celebration in front of the Maitum municipal gym on July 17. (Joylyn Ty/MAITUM INFORMATION … [Read More...]

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USAID GEM_Educ_Linoan ES 5_5

Ready for the new school year

Students of Linoan Elementary School in Montevista, Compostela Valley, are excited to go back to school after receiving new desks and school bags containing essential learning materials from the U.S. … [Read More...]

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